How to Join


  1. Email a clear headshot of your face, taken either professionally or in natural light. No hats, sunglasses, or filters, please.
  2. Email a resume / CV pertaining to acting-related training and experience.
    List experience as follow:
  • Name of Show/ Play/ Film – Role – Director
  • Stipulate if it was a lead, support, feature, or extra role clearly
  • Do list special skills and level
  • Do list languages you can speak, read and write
  • Do list accents you are confident/ trained in
  • Do list all formal acting training completed
  • Do list your vocal range if you can sing
  • Do list eye and hair colour as well as height in cm and inches
  • Do state if you reside in Cape Town, Johannesburg, or Durban.
  • Do state if you have any other representation such as a modeling agency, actors agency or characters agency.

3. Email / Wetransfer any showreel material or scene work for me to see listening and reacting. Preferably no monologues.

  • Scene work should favour yourself not your reader
  • Always face straight to the camera to not film yourself in any profile but keep eye lines just next to the camera so you never look into the camera.
  • Film scene work and all self-tapes with your camera or phone turned horizontal and turn toward the natural light to
    showcase your eyes and prevent bad shadows.
  • Good/ decent sound
  • Film in closeup / tight mid shot never full body.
  • Compress file size on Hand break app

4. Do mention any permanent work commitments and unavailability

Voice Artists

  1. Email a CV/ Resume, headshot, and voice samples
  2. List/ clearly label the language of the reads
  3. List/ clearly label the type of read i.e. soft sell, hard sell, conversational read, biography read, etc
  4. List your age, and the town you reside in currently/ permanently, and let us know if you have a home studio or not.